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Tanning Bed Lamps

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What are Tanning Lamps?

A tanning lamp could be a single lamp, like a lamp you use to cast light in a room that emits UV light. A tanning lamp is also considered to be a tanning lamp bulb, which is used in tanning beds, booths, etc. For reference, a tanning lamp is the lamp bulb used that emits UV light. The UV light is created inside the lamp and is used to evoke the melanin production in melanocyte cells. It takes only five minutes under a tanning lamp to create the same effect as two hours in the sun. This is why tanning lamps in tanning beds are so popular.

How Do Tanning Bed Lamps Work?

Inside most tanning beds are tanning bed lamps. These are the long bulbs that often emit a bluish color inside the tanning bed. The tanning lamps emit ultraviolet rays so your body can tan. How does a tanning bed lamp turn electricity into ultraviolet light? Tanning bed lamps contain special ingredients: inert gasses, a bit of mercury and a phosphorus coating. By adding electricity to the lamps, the mercury looses its satiability. Once it looses satiability it releases this energy in the form of ultraviolet light. The ultraviolet light mimics the sunís ultraviolet light causing the body to tan and to produce vitamin D.

Home Tanning Lamp

Your home tanning bed has lamps similar to commercial tanning beds. However, what you may not know is that tanning bed lamps need to be taken care of properly. The tanning salons with commercial tanning beds take care of the maintenance a tanning lamp needs. At home, you should go through the same maintenance to keep your home tanning lamps in prime condition. This could mean regular cleaning and replacement as outlined in the manual. If a light flickers or goes black or goes out altogether, the tanning lamp needs replacing.

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