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1 MCX Tips For MCX Gold Tips MCX Silver Tips on Tue Oct 11, 2011 2:55 am

MCX Tips For MCX Gold Tips MCX Silver Tips 11 October 2011

It was a bad day for all the traders especially in MCX Gold and MCX silver. The rallies were totally unpredictable MCX Silver moved around 52500 to 53500 levels most of the times and no big movement was seen in these two metals in commodities.

MCX GOLD (Dec) – MCX Gold august contract which will expire on 5th Dec 2011.gold is deviating as the US debt default concern made the investors cautious. Resistance and support levels for the today’s session are:

RESISTANCE: R1-26700 R2-26950
SUPPORTS: S1-26350 S2-25950

MCX SILVER (Sep) – Silver closed at 53028. MCX silver traded in bullish mood with heavy intensity. Expected resistance and support level for today trade are as follows.

RESISTANCE: R1-53600 R2-54000
SUPPORTS: S1-52750 S2-52200 Bullion MCX

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