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Mcx‬ ‎Commodity‬ tips by ‎PinnacleFinacial‬ 11

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Mcx‬ ‎Commodity‬ tips by ‎PinnacleFinacial‬

MCX ‎Gold‬ June Updates: Trading Sideways today, Support: 26802-26522, Resistance: 26995-27294. Sell on High Suggested by ‪#‎PinnacleFinancial‬

MCX ‎Silver‬ July Trading Sideways today, Support: 37653-36842, Resistance: 38183-38962. Sell on High Suggested by #PinnacleFinancial

MCX ‎CrudeOil‬ May Trading Sideways to Bullish, Support: 3736-3569, Resistance: 3843-3997. Buy on low Suggested by #PinnacleFinancial

MCX ‎NaturalGas‬ May Trading Sideways to Bullish, Support: 177-162, Resistance: 200-187. Buy on low Suggested by #PinnacleFinancial

MCX ‎Copper‬ June Trading Sideways today, Support: 411-401, Resistance: 417-428. Sell on High Recommended by #PinnacleFinancial

MCX Cardamom June, trading down today, If prices breaks the support of 834 could see downside correction towards 810-800 levels.

MCX Menthaoil May trading bearish today with Lower correction could continue towards 900-890 regions. #Commodity ‪#‎Updates‬

MCX CPO May trading in green zone today. While trading above 444 could see upside rallies towards 450/450 levels

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2 MCX Crude Oil on Mon May 11, 2015 6:21 am

MCX Crude oil traded near Rs 3799 up 0.08%, Natural Gas at Rs 185 up 1.20%. Copper price declined despite of rising interest rates in China. MCX Copper traded at 413.45 down 0.19%.

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